FAQs and Help

Phone Tracker is an undetectable software application for smartphones and tablets that discreetly allows you to:

Read all Incoming and Outgoing Text message.
Read all Incoming and Outgoing Telephone logs
Read all Incoming and Outgoing Emails.
Track the phone’s physical location on a Google Map in Real time.
You can also track their history of movements.
Listen in to conversations held on the Target Mobile Phone.
Listen in to the surroundings of the Target phone, even when the phone is not in use.
Record all conversations held on the target phone.
Like a listening bug, record the surroundings of the target phone, even when it is not in use.
Read all Incoming and Outgoing Messenger/ Internet chat, such as Viber, Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook.
View your target phone’s Wallpaper, Contacts, Address Book, Diary Entries and Calendar notes.
View your target phone’s stored Photos, Video and Sound files.
Remotely use your target phone’s camera and view what is happening at the other end.
Send spoof text messages from your target phone.

The application needs to be installed on the device you wish to monitor.
In order to install Phone tracker, you need 2-3 minutes of unrestricted physical access to the target device (you need to have it in your hands). As soon as you install Phone tracker, you will not need to access the target device again and will be able to check the data captured by Phone tracker remotely from your personal account.
Phone tracker works in stealth mode and does not generate any pop-ups, sounds or notifications. There is no need to manually request the update of information – everything is transferred automatically. Phone tracker uses Internet connection to transfer the information to your account.

YES. Our Phone Tracker software works regardless of the cellular carrier network or the location of the target device. It only requires Internet connection to transfer data to your personal account. For you, it means that Phone Tracker can be used in all four corners of the earth.

Phone Tracker is compatible with:
All iPhone types and Jailbreakable iOS versions
All Android models, 2.1 update 1 to 4.2.
All Blackberry models
Nokia/Symbian: Symbian 8, 9 Series 60, Symbian ^3, Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle.
(We do not support the ‘Symbian series 40’ or the Asha line).
For more information on Mobile Phone Monitoring Software or to purchase this product, please contact our office.

Phone Tracker works in stealth mode. It does not display any icons and appears on the device application database under different names (system processes), which leaves no chance for the user to identify this software. Moreover, there are neither logs stored on the target device nor pop-up messages ever showing up on the main screen. It is completely undetectable and untraceable.

The Phone Tracker installation is fast and easy even for IT newbies. You can install the software as soon as your payment gets processed and you log into your Phone Tracker account using login details from the confirmation email. The installation wizard will guide you through the whole process, which should only take you about 2 minutes.

A great feature of the Phone Tracker software allows you to monitor as many phones as you like, (however only one phone at a time.) This gives you the opportunity to practise the installation process on either your phone or a friend’s phone BEFORE you actually need to install it onto your actual TARGET phone. After a few practise attempts of installing the software, when it comes time to installing it onto your actual target phone, you will be able to complete this process swiftly and with minimal fuss.

If required, Phone Tracker can be uninstalled either remotely from your online personal account or it can be completed from your target device.
You can find further information on the un-installation process in the Instruction Manual which will be emailed to you upon purchase of the Phone Tracker software.

Once Phone Tracker becomes authorized on the target device and connected to our server, the target phone’s information will be automatically uploaded to the Control Panel of your personal account.
Because our system is web based, You can securely access this personal account from any computer, anywhere and at any time.
Once you have purchased the software we will instantly email you with your personal account login details.

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